Weekly outline

  • Biology

    Welcome to biology ( the study of living things) 

    • Unit 1: Scientific method

      Students will learn the various methods for conducting research and analyzing data

      • Unit 2: Populations

        Students will learn what factors affect populations and various methods scientists use to determine population size

        • Unit 3: Ecology

          Students will learn how energy flows and nutrients cycle within ecosystems.  They will also learn how organisms interact with each other within an ecosystem

          • Unit 4: Biochemistry

            Students will learn the major macromolecules of life and what their functions are within organisms and cells

            • Unit 5: Cell membranes

              Students will learn how the cell membrane functions and the different types of transports to move things in and out of a cell

              • Unit 6: Cell Organelles

                Students will learn the structure and function of organelles within a cell

                • Unit 7: Photosynthesis

                  Students will learn the process by which plant convert light energy into sugar

                  • Unit 8: Respiration

                    Students will learn the various ways that organisms convert sugar into usable energy for the cell

                    • Unit 9: Mitosis

                      Students will learn the processes by which cells divide to make more cells for growth and repair

                      • Unit 10: Meiosis

                        Students will learn how organisms make specialized cells to be able to go through sexual reproduction

                        • Unit 11: Genetics

                          Students will learn how DNA stores the information to make protein which make up all your characteristics

                          • Unit 12: Evolution

                            Students will learn the process scientists think species use to change over time and become new species

                            • Unit 13: Classification

                              Students will learn how the classification system works and the things taxonomists use to determine the relatedness among organisms