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  • Welcome to English 9!

    Welcome to English 9! I'm sure that this isn't a class that thrills and excites a lot of you--unless you're a nerd like me--but this class will help you learn many of the skills you need to be successful for the rest of your high school career. We will write well, read often, and learn to think in new and exciting ways. This web page will be your course guide. You can find important due dates and course information, printable handouts, and fantastic classroom resources. Be sure to visit often! 


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    Semester 2 Final Exam

    Below is the link that will lead to your final exam. Click the link and enter the password given to you in class. Be sure to finalize and submit your answers.

  • Freshman Author Paper

    Here are some helpful resources as we move forward with your Freshman Author Paper & Presentation. Due to weather, we will be in the computer lab from Tuesday, February 11-Friday, February 14. Your research packet will be due on Friday, February 14

    Your final author paper will be due on Monday, March 10. 

  • Semester 1 Final Exam

    Below is the link to your final exam for this semester. Click on the link and enter the password given to you in class. Make sure that you finalize and submit your answers when you are finished. 

  • Freshman Hero Presentation

    Here are some helpful resources for your presentation. Presentations will be due the week of December 2-6. We will work on them in the lab beginning November 18. 


  • Freshman Hero Paper

    Here are some resources for your Freshman Hero Paper! Remember that your final paper is due Monday, October 28!