Welcome to 6th Grade!

This website is the "hub" of our class.  Please refer to it regularly to view class information, particularly homework.  My homework policy is that students ONLY have homework if they do not finish something in class.  Every now and then circumstances may not allow for ample class time, but for the most part students should get quite a bit finished at school.  I do not accept late work on assignments!  If a student is absent and misses an assignment, he/she will have extra time.  If a student does not turn in a large project or writing assignment, the possible grade they can receive on that assignment goes down one letter grade each day it is late.

Welcome to 6th Grade Science! This year we have three kits that cover Planetary Science, Food and Nutrition, and Levers and Pulleys. Follow the links below to be successful in each unit.

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies! This year we will learn all about Ancient Civilizations and the elements of culture that are in each. We will use what we know to compare and contrast each civilization. We will begin with the oldest of civilizations in Mesopotamia, and we will make our way around the world.

Welcome to Writing in the 6th Grade! We will focus on different types of topic sentences, and use them to write persuasive, technical, and expository pieces! We will also be following a Spelling curriculum using the "Imagine It!" reading program.  There are 20 words possible each week, with an additional 5 challenge words, which the students can get extra credit for if they get them correct. Check it out! SpellingCity.com!

Welcome! The 6th Grade Reading Curriculum is Imagine It! We will focus on the reading skills and strategies that students have learned in prior grades, but we will dive into them even deeper! Hang on to your hats!

Welcome to this year's math program. We will begin with Prime Time, then we will continue with 7 other books: Bits and Pieces I, II, and III, Shapes and Designs, Covering and Surrounding, How Likely Is It?, and Data About Us. Everything you need to help you out you will find right here!